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Kitchener Silos provide strong and safe storage for corn and grass silage as well as for high moisture corn.

Foundation experienced personnel install Kitchener Silo foundations according to the particular ground conditions of each silo site. Under normal conditions we use a donut-shaped base with a one-foot-square cap. The cap has a drainage outlet and we recommend backfilling of the base with ¾ crushed stone. This allows positive drainage for cement-eating acids.

The staves in a Kitchener Silo are formed in a unique way by using a fielding hydraulic press. The press exerts tremendous pressure on the stave surfaces, eliminating air voids and producing a hi-density concrete stave with compressive and flexural strength exceeding OSA and NSA standards. Hi-density staves can better withstand the forces a crop load exerts against silo walls and they have a greater resistance to silage acid. The three-ribbed construction of Kitchener Silo staves is designed especially for greater strength. The two outside ribs are specifically located to bring the retaining hoop to bear over the vertical joint exactly where it is most effective in silo construction.

A special feature of Kitchener Silo staves is their steam cure. Controlled humidity and heat conditions in a steam room gives staves a proper cure and longer life. Kitchener Silos are available in 12, 14, 16, 18, 20 and 24 foot diameters. The tongue and groove locking system used to join staves gives the strongest and tightest joint possible. Caulking of stave joints is applied with a power pointer to give better sealing qualities.

Rods, Lugs and Box Spreaders

Kitchener Silo hoops are made from high tensile strength 9/16” steel rods. These rods have 5/8” rolled threads, making the thread as strong as any part of the rod. The lugs used to hold silo hoops together are made especially for Kitchener Silo, according to rigid specifications. Where the rods are spaced less than 30” apart, box spreaders are used around doorways to provide unobstructed door openings and extra strength. All rods, lugs and box spreaders on a Kitchener Silo are electro galvanized and dichromated in order to give better protection against weather elements.

Fill Pipes
Fill pipes are made by Herrgott Industries; they are 20 gauge galvanized steel with riveted flanges. Adjustable brackets are used to fasten the pipe securely to the silo. Fill pipe dormers and distributors of various types and sizes are available to suit the individual needs of each Kitchener Silo customer.

Outside ladder and safety platform
The outside ladder on a Kitchener Silo is designed exclusively for the company. The “U-shaped” safety steps are made from 9/16” rod and welded to angle iron uprights. Steps are spaced 12” apart and there is a six inch toehold for the customer's climbing safety. The ladder is galvanized and dichromated for lasting performance. The safety platform is constructed from heavy-duty galvanized steel; it has a hatch-type straight-through entrance, and railings are waist-high for maximum safety.


Chutes and chute lights
Kitchener Silo chutes are available in galvanized steel and baked enamel steel with vinyl coating, both 26 gauge. Fiberglass chutes are available on special orders. The inclusion of chute lights improves visibility inside the chute. An S-lock pattern of construction and seamed joints provide a strong continuous chute which is bolted securely to the silo by means of 22 gauge interlocking rails. These procedures make the Kitchener Silo chute safe, roomy and virtually weatherproof.

Door frames and doors
Door frames on a Kitchener Silo are 31/2” thick and have rebar around the perimeter for added strength. The frames are designed to provide one door opening every 30 inches on silos from 12 to 24 feet in diameter (inclusive). Kitchener Silo doors are constructed of one inch thick marine plywood, treated with shingle stain and linseed oil for a long-lasting finish. The doors are self-sealing and flush on the inside with a safety step ladder on the outside. They are fastened in place with galvanized steel latches; also they are interchangeable and self-storing. Hinged doors are available on customer request.

Roofs for Kitchener Silos are available in all sizes and will fit any round silo. Constructed of heavy galvanized steel, aluminized steel, painted galvanized or fiberglass, these roofs are of the high-strength dome type and each has a large filling door. They can be built over any standard un-loader tripod. A fiberglass roof cap will provide light for the interior of the silo. Coloured roofs are available in green, red, white, black, blue and orange.

All Kitchener Silo materials are delivered to the job site. All staves are skidded to prevent damage and misuse in handling; this helps to keep the staves in a clean condition. The customer is not required to give any help, unless the silo to be built is in a very difficult location and the Deliveries cannot be made in the normal manner. Our silos are erected by fully trained personnel who are covered by insurance for your and our protection.

Crop Institute Information
These PDF’s contain information directly from the Crop Institute.

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