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Welcome to Kitchener Silo Online!

Kitchener Silo was a family owned business started in 1950 outside of the Kitchener City limits. The Moyer Family manufactured as well as erected Silos throughout Ontario up to 1975. Constantly improving the quality of the finished product, by investing into a fielding press, using more steel on the silos, to using a marine grade plywood for the doors achieved these goals. Kitchener Silo has expanded its base of operations over the years through equipment sales, concrete repairs, silo restoration, bridge repair, and gunnite uses both agricultural, and commercial. Out growing the original facilities in Kitchener the current owners [of the past eighteen years] relocated operations five kilometers to the west in the village of Petersburg still serving Ontario’s farming community, and commercial needs.

We are looking forward to serving your need for years to come!

Ken & Dennis

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